Siriasis, Poem 010-2023-0603

Below is a poem I wrote long ago when a days-long hot summer sun baked more than the land around us. * * * You are full brazen, Your swollen tan lies crisp on sunbaked sand. You call attention to a distraction and her snug rounded smooth firm thighs But you take her breasts in … Continue reading Siriasis, Poem 010-2023-0603

An Easter Passing, Poem 009-2023-0409

The light of a hot Sunday sun reflected off brick buildings and mirrored from a parkway where a hospital sits deep brown and yellow in its last degree fading like the old woman inside dying with a smile on her face happy to be leaving. But I with a burlesque smile am sad to watch … Continue reading An Easter Passing, Poem 009-2023-0409

Melted Ice, Poem 008-2023-0407

Night in the city has a strange sound The way roof ice speaks before it melts, Pools down, Rushes gutters, Raises the river’s rage below me. Melted ice flows over my boot tops, Down interwoven streets with city signs that claim they take us to Somewhere, Anywhere, Everywhere that is nowhere If you choose to … Continue reading Melted Ice, Poem 008-2023-0407