Allow Mistakes

I think sometimes we strive too hard for perfection that when mistakes happen, we’re too hard on ourselves for not achieving perfection. As a wildlife and landscape artist, I learned early on to plan out my paintings to avoid mistakes. My sketchbooks brim with the many plans I used to reduce mistakes in my finished … Continue reading Allow Mistakes

The Joy of Writing Books

I love writing stories and turning them into books. Metaphorically, writing stories is a trip to the playground where I can run as fast as I can, fall and skin my knees, get into arguments with any big bully who tries to shove me down, and climb to the top of the monkey bars to … Continue reading The Joy of Writing Books

Poem 001-2022-0924

During the years of painting wildlife and landscapes, drawing comic strips, and writing books, I’ve been a poet. “Dream Voyeur” is a poem based on a vivid dream I had that left its mark on me upon waking. When I sleep you hide paralyzed in the shadows of my bed where your courage to live … Continue reading Poem 001-2022-0924

Fantasy Short Story 002-2022-0922

I call this story “Into the Void” and wrote it in 2007. It’s a bit strange and reflects the fiction I was reading at the time. It’s no secret that current culture and events seep into every writer’s work (and every artist’s artwork). * * * Ronald Parker’s cell phone vibrated on his leather belt … Continue reading Fantasy Short Story 002-2022-0922

Acrylic Painting: Black Bear At Beaver Dam

This post features the evolution of a black bear I painted in acrylic on canvas in 1989. Enjoy. It began the year before, in 1988. Black bear weren’t common sights around my neck of the woods, but I caught a glimpse of one while I hiked some swampland and stopped to sketch and photograph a … Continue reading Acrylic Painting: Black Bear At Beaver Dam

Being Funny

I’m always writing, it seems, even in my sleep. But when I’m not, I’m either reading or, if it’s summertime, looking for a baseball game to watch. I enjoy watching baseball. I was an avid player in my youth, and I played in softball leagues for many years when I became an adult. There’s nothing … Continue reading Being Funny

Fantasy Short Story 001-2022-0901

I call this story “Different Perspectives.” * * * The coffeehouse window Larry sat beside reminded him of sitting in his car at the car wash. Except, this wasn’t Get Wet Express. This was another rainy day in Ridgewood, at Mabel’s, on Monday, around eight-thirty in the morning, and he sat across his sister Elaine, … Continue reading Fantasy Short Story 001-2022-0901