Louie and Bruce 002-2023-0526

This comic page is from September 1981. The top 4 panels tell a complete story that I could have used as a short strip. But they tie into the story’s gag at the end. That’s all for now. Thanks for reading. And as always, peace and love. Steve, 5/26/2023 This post “Louie and Bruce 002-2023-0526” … Continue reading Louie and Bruce 002-2023-0526

Vree’s Beginnings Again, Chapter 2

This is another edited repost from my old blog Vree Erickson, in which I wrote more about Vree’s backstory. (Vree is a character that appears in many of my stories.) * * * I mentioned last week that Vree’s last name was Erikson in the very early publications of my stories. The spelling changed to … Continue reading Vree’s Beginnings Again, Chapter 2

Fantasy Short Story 008-2023-0329

Those of you who know my books and have followed my previous blog know that my “Ghost Dogs” short story, which I featured last week at Fantasy Short Story 007-2023-0320, became the basis for my “Night of the Hell Hounds” story. Recently, I found an older version of “Night of the Hell Hounds” that features … Continue reading Fantasy Short Story 008-2023-0329

Fantasy Short Story 007-2023-0320

Many years ago I wrote a story for a high school English class. My teacher helped me to understand story structure the best she could, but it was enough to create an aha moment that aroused my interest in writing more stories. The more stories I wrote, the more my interest in the craft grew. … Continue reading Fantasy Short Story 007-2023-0320

Fantasy Short Story 006-2022-1031

It’s Halloween. “Bones In the Sand” is another short story from the 1990s. I wrote this one in 1991 for my children, especially for my son. Now it’s here for the rest of the world to read. And it has skeletons in it for all you bone lovers to enjoy on this Halloween. Enjoy. It … Continue reading Fantasy Short Story 006-2022-1031

Beginnings, Chapter 2

Last week I mentioned that Vree’s last name in the early publications from my high school years was Erikson. The spelling changed to Erickson when I began writing about her again later in life. Other changes were Ravenwood to Ridgewood, Myers Ridge to Russell Ridge (I moved Myers Ridge farther west), and the twins Dave … Continue reading Beginnings, Chapter 2