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Ten years ago this month, I wrote

I am testing the waters of self-publishing at Amazon right now so my family and friends can read my stories on their Kindle e-readers. I wish I could offer my books free, but Amazon doesn’t have that option.

Soon after I published “Night of the Hellhounds” to Amazon’s Kindle, I received emails from some of my readers wanting me to publish another story. So, I began working on a new Vree Erickson story, “Trespassing.” After some major editing and plot tweaks, I sent it to my main beta readers who fixed some minor errors. Then, with the cover finished, I sent the story off to Amazon for them to publish.

I also developed an author site via Amazon. You can view it at to see my books and read a few things about me.

If you read my books, feedback would be awesome, so remember to drop me either an email or leave a review at Amazon. Reviews and comments that include things that did and didn’t resonate with you will help gauge my direction as a professional writer, so I would love hearing from you.

Since my family cannot leave reviews, I’m happy to report that they like the stories, even though the main character is a teenager and Amazon wants to aim the books at a young audience. Wake up Amazon! Age of characters should not be how you pitch sales. Young Adult is not a genre!

C.S. Lewis, the author best known for his fictional work The Chronicles of Narnia is quoted as saying, “A children’s story that can only be enjoyed by children is not a good children’s story in the slightest.” That quote motivated me many years ago when I wrote by first Vree Erickson story. I also kept close to heart his quote: “People (d)on’t write the books I want, so I have to do it for myself.” That’s the foundation of every story I write: Stories that I want to read!

So, here we are. The second ebook “Trespassing” is now titled “Trespassers” and I’ve rewritten the story for the Tenth Anniversary publication. It has a new cover that I had so much fun creating. And it’s 99 cents (U.S. currency) like the original. In this one, though, a lightning strike has left Vree Erickson suffering from headaches, dizziness, and fainting spells. After a trip to the hospital for brain scans, a car thief kidnaps her at gunpoint. Suddenly, she’s struggling to survive the abduction and her ailment while the world of the supernatural unleashes around her. You can buy it at and find out what happens.

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Tenth Anniversary cover, which I designed from original art. Copyright © 2023 Steven Leo Campbell at – All rights reserved.

I say again what I said ten years ago: If you read my books, feedback would be awesome!

That’s all for now.

Thanks for reading.

As always, peace and love to all my readers.

Steve, 1/13/2023

This post “Book Two” copyright © 2023 Steven Leo Campbell at – All rights reserved.

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