Siriasis, Poem 010-2023-0603

Below is a poem I wrote long ago when a days-long hot summer sun baked more than the land around us. * * * You are full brazen, Your swollen tan lies crisp on sunbaked sand. You call attention to a distraction and her snug rounded smooth firm thighs But you take her breasts in … Continue reading Siriasis, Poem 010-2023-0603

An Easter Passing, Poem 009-2023-0409

The light of a hot Sunday sun reflected off brick buildings and mirrored from a parkway where a hospital sits deep brown and yellow in its last degree fading like the old woman inside dying with a smile on her face happy to be leaving. But I with a burlesque smile am sad to watch … Continue reading An Easter Passing, Poem 009-2023-0409

Melted Ice, Poem 008-2023-0407

Night in the city has a strange sound The way roof ice speaks before it melts, Pools down, Rushes gutters, Raises the river’s rage below me. Melted ice flows over my boot tops, Down interwoven streets with city signs that claim they take us to Somewhere, Anywhere, Everywhere that is nowhere If you choose to … Continue reading Melted Ice, Poem 008-2023-0407

Watching Foxes, Poem 007-2023-0206

This is an old post from February 2011. * * * Words awoke me the other morning, repeating in my mind loudly, obtrusive. At 4:27, I snapped on my lamp and scribbled them down. Faces sharp Red coal eyes Gold afire Watching Waiting I tried to remember the dream that had birthed those words, but … Continue reading Watching Foxes, Poem 007-2023-0206

The Poet, Poem 006-2023-0112

The boy who lost his mother gnarled like a bear— tough bear he. Away from the bestial, he had softness in his eyes that laughed even when he and his words were sharp and sometimes ambiguous. He showed the plumpness of his belly to his closest friends and grunted like a pig and poet laughing … Continue reading The Poet, Poem 006-2023-0112

When I, a Boy, Poem 005-2022-1113

I awoke to frost and snow outside my home and became nostalgic for those winter days in the country when I was young and winter brought excitement and joy of walking the woods and watching the play of nature. Enjoy a poem I wrote about that nostalgia when I was courting a local girl and … Continue reading When I, a Boy, Poem 005-2022-1113

Poems 003- and 004-2022-1026

Today I’m treating you to two nocturnal poems. The first one is a nontraditional poem by me. I wrote this whimsical poem many years ago when I was at college and studying the classics in literature. I rarely write rhyming poems, but this one came to me out of the blue, so I jotted it … Continue reading Poems 003- and 004-2022-1026

Poem 002-2022-1022

I wrote a lot of poetry during my teen years in a free-verse style that became coined “Naked Poetry”—a type of poetry where words and cadence are more important than rhyme. I believe the term came from the anthology books Naked Poetry: Recent American Poetry in Open Forms (1969) and The New Naked Poetry (1976). … Continue reading Poem 002-2022-1022

Poem 001-2022-0924

During the years of painting wildlife and landscapes, drawing comic strips, and writing books, I’ve been a poet. “Dream Voyeur” is a poem based on a vivid dream I had that left its mark on me upon waking. When I sleep you hide paralyzed in the shadows of my bed where your courage to live … Continue reading Poem 001-2022-0924