An Easter Passing, Poem 009-2023-0409

The light of a hot Sunday sun
reflected off brick buildings
and mirrored from a parkway
where a hospital sits deep brown and yellow in its last degree
fading like the old woman inside dying with a smile on her face
happy to be leaving.

But I with a burlesque smile am sad to watch her go.
She should be dying without the day outdoors calling me
pulling at me to be carefree.

I close the curtains and watch her leave
with no one else in the room to bear witness to her final breath—
one last windstream passing over silent lips
while mine tremble out a shackled goodbye.

Her hand falls softly away from mine
for she has the stars to touch now.

In memory of a loved one.

Thanks for reading.

Steve, 4/9/2023

This post “An Easter Passing, Poem 009-2023-0409” copyright © 2023 Steven Leo Campbell at – All rights reserved.

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