WordPress notified me that my website and blog reached 500 likes.

That’s a nice achievement for a site that’s eight months old.

Steve Campbell Creations is my creative journey of showing the world my writing and artwork—the old and the new. My writing includes poetry and fiction, and my art consists of wildlife and landscape paintings, photography, and comic strips.

The heart of this website is my writing, especially the self-published Rural Fantasy books about a young character named Vree Erickson and a weird Pennsylvania town called Ridgewood. They’re part of series called The Green Crystal that I wrote and published at Amazon as Steven L Campbell. I’m currently upgrading the books as Tenth Anniversary editions, which means I’ll be posting about them often.

As much as I enjoy posting about my ventures writing stories and books, you readers enjoy my poetry and photography more. Two of my highest liked posts are poems, and the third is a reminiscing about my early days of photographing the world around me.

Thanks to all who have clicked the LIKE button here, and special thanks to those who comment.

That’s all for now. Peace and love to all my readers.

Steve, 3/21/2023

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