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During the years of painting wildlife and landscapes, drawing comic strips, and writing books, I’ve been a poet. “Dream Voyeur” is a poem based on a vivid dream I had that left its mark on me upon waking.

When I sleep
you hide paralyzed in the shadows of my bed
where your courage to live vanished long ago.

In your world of mocking corpses
you charge against me
in wingless dreams and knitted walls
and empty stares
that run from the drum of my heart.

You bleed broken knuckles
against your hidden door to empty stairs
that led you once to freedom.

You bring me fists of your dead flowers
and promise me a future of your past faded worlds.

You wear a million memories around your neck—
nooses of every man hanged by rejection
to bleed broken
among all the eggs of the future

But you live your death
in these halls of feeble footsteps
outside my room
where your twitching fingers bleed to open empty cameras
and nail me to the windows of your eyes.

Copyright © 2017

That’s all for now. Thanks for reading.

Steve, 9/24/2022

This post “Poem 001-2022-0924” copyright © 2022 Steven Leo Campbell at stevecampbellcreations.com – All rights reserved.

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